God is Good!


ray-of-sunshineWhen I first started this site I didn’t know much about websites,  blogs, or anything to do with pages , categories or tags! I’ve learned just a little bit more which has led me to add more to this site than just my blog, naturally I would expect the blog content to be the most exciting for everyone (ha ha)

In addition to my blog I have added a page for our family business: RT’S Flooring Installations and a page for: Sunshine Shack which in the future will be an online store (possibly combined with a very small brick and mortar) that will be a combination of new and used items, gifts, jewelry and accessories. I’m hoping to keep everything under $20. As soon as I understand how I will add a way to have a portion of the sales go to charity. This may take time but I’ll get it!!

Last but certainly not least, below is a little background on how I came to this point in life:wp-15322982861138721504720203102301.png

This is how I got here ….good ol’ Central Illinois

A few decades or so ago my mother made her way back down to Mississippi where she gave birth to the youngest of her 4 children.  Already having had 2 sons and a daughter, she gave birth to ME in a small town: Kosciusko, MS. Other than being the birthplace of  Sunshine Ray (me), the only more notable event to ever occur in Kosciusko, MS was the birth of  Oprah Winfrey! I just read that she has a street named after her there (only fitting I suppose). I’m thinking that when I become famous (for whatever it is I’ll become famous for) I’ll be sure to speak with Oprah and find out how I go about having the street I was born on named after me!

Shortly after I was born my mom moved back to Central Illinois where we lived happily ever after………….ok,  I’m joking, about the happily ever after part anyway.

The truth in its’ entirety is juicy enough to write a book about (and my kids are trying to convince me to write it) but at this point I’ll protect the innocent and give an edited version! 

I grew up in Decatur, Illinois. In 2001 my kids and I moved to Springfield, Illinois. In 2005 I graduated from nursing school and in 2013 we moved back to Decatur. On February 26th 2016 my daughter’s dad and I got married. 

Long story short: all the things I’ve seen and been through along the way have brought me here today. A point where I’d like to share information, ideas and stories that I think helped me and will hopefully help others!