Why do today what you could put off until tomorrow!!!!

I am an expert in procrastination! I really think I’ve come close to perfecting it! Having said that, every chance I get I tell myself: this is the day, week, month, year that I am going to stop procrastinating! So in the spirit of my new endeavor:” Quit procrastinating by the time I’m 40″ (Ok, I just made up this new pledge to myself but it sounds good) I am going to start this blogging thing again. Today I read something I found to be fairly profound “Don’t put off starting something because you aren’t sure you can finish it. If you get the urge to begin something – an article, a social movement, a letter to your mom – go ahead and start it. The creative energy is strongest at the inception of the idea; and when you get momentum going, you might just find the time and resources to take it all the way. Only one thing is sure to keep you from finishing: NOT STARTING.-Becky Blades
After reading that I thought: now I really have no excuse not to do this or that because all the logic behind putting it off stemmed from all the reasons I knew I wouldn’t complete/stay with it. Well I guess that’s it for today folks: I have about 8 minutes to get ready for work!!


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