A night with the Fegetts

Domino’s and liquor, not the best combination. Anytime you get our family around the kitchen table there is going to be entertainment. Although technically our family consist of a huge array of characters, the only people consistently at our kitchen table these days are: Me and my husband Roger, our 19 yr old son: Austin (currently attending SIU Carbondale and just completed his freshman year) our 18 year old daughter: Soleil (french for Sun, and my mini me) and our 17 year old daughter: Alexa (the baby, the princess, the epitome of the youngest child). These are some of the biggest personalities that you will come across!  The thing I’m most proud of as a parent is our open communication. That said, our dinner conversation is typically unusual for any visitors we may have. Dinner always starts with prayer and prayer always consists of: Dear Lord, thank you for the food we are about to receive and let it be nourishment to our bodies. Please prevent any and all unplanned/unwanted pregnancies ….. that always gets everyone’s attention! Okay, as we speak the family is scratching each others eyes out over domino’s so I should go


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