A Few Fond Memories

So, after I was born my mom moved from Mississippi back to Central Illinois. Immediately the story becomes interesting.  My mother did not have the best childhood and I’m guessing it is for that reason that my childhood was much closer to a V.C. Andrews novel then: Fun with Dick and Jane. I was 3 months old when my mom moved back, the youngest of her 4 children and the only one she returned with! It is my understanding that she did not leave the other children by choice and being a mother myself I find it hard to believe that any mom would intentionally leave their children willingly. 

At any rate my mother married James Ahearn upon her return. I have a few fond memories of the first 5 years of my life. Although I remember being poor, I don’t think I knew it then. I remember anxiously awaiting a trip to the “Fun Fair” at Fairview Park. (had to take a nap before I got to go but the Smurfs were on and that was so much better than a nap) Weekly trips to the library to rent Dr. Seuss books. Green Eggs and Ham is still one of my favorite! We had a German Shepard, her name was Lady and she was very protective of me. She once went to guard me for some reason or another and her nail got my cheek. Oddly enough I was always fond of the small scar that it left!

Aside from the wonderful music and T.V. of the 80s, there wasn’t much reason to stay in the house as a kid. I do remember one particular incident when I must have been at home, bored and decided to wash my hair in the kitchen sink, on my own, with Nair….hair removal!


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