Clash of Clans

After nearly 3 months I came back to check on my blog. Do you know what I realized?? My last entry was extremely close to the day I downloaded Clash of Clans on my laptop!! It is crazy how addictive that game is! Considering I don’t play video games at all it is especially concerning to me!! The last time I stayed up all night playing a video game, the game system I was using was an ATARI!! Can you believe that? I even lost my COC (yes they have lingo) village for a week, I diligently worked on upgrading my Gson’s base to get it up to speed. Don’t worry though!! After 5-6 days Super Cell did get back to me with a code to recover my lost village!! At any rate I finally carved out some time for the rest of the world, had the Gkids over this weekend, had a little Halloween party and took them to boo at the zoo. So I am back to the land of the living. All that accompanied by a birthday looming over my head has prompted me to get back to 1 or 2 of my “missions”. One of which will be routinely blogging I hope!!


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