Work ethic

It is completely beyond me the lack of good work ethic these days. Some how there seems to be a sense of entitlement. As I’m writing this I feel myself leaning toward keeping things “politically correct’ which is what I think has assisted in this generations lack of work ethic and sense of entitlement. Whatever happen to respecting your elders and/or doing what your supervisor asks of you!?!? This subject has come up time and again recently and I always get the save response: it’s this generation, not much we can do. I’m just not buying it!! I refuse to accept that its all going to hell in a handbag and especially not when the employees I’m speaking of work in healthcare!! It’s as though forward thinking is the only way to go. Where did all the great people/employees come from that we have now? They were  raised by people with good, respectable work ethics and in turn became the same type of people and I would venture to say the majority of them would/could be considered to be old fashion, not necessarily “forward thinkers”


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