Our Princess

17 1/2 years ago our youngest was born, Alexa Kay Louise!! She was s force to be reckoned with from the start. I had the chicken pox for the first time while I was pregnant with her, which caused no real trouble but the Dr said she was born with a few pock marks. During delivery she was in such a rush, I went from being dilated 2cm to 10 in about a half hour! She was born with a little bruising to her cheeks because of it. I had to return to work when she was just 4 weeks but she never lacked attention because she had her G-MA (my mom, their Mam-ma) wrapped around her little finger! As she grew up she was always the center of attention, either because she was much more outgoing than her siblings and/or because she was often the squeakiest wheel!! She has the personality type I’ve always envied: always speaking up and never afraid to ask for what she wants!! She has certainly grown into a very beautiful, very smart young lady and I’m certain she will never settle for less than the best!! 


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