LPN-Charge Nurse part 1

So, it is an ongoing stereotype that LPN’s aren’t real nurses (that would be an RN “real nurse”). However the majority of LPN’s have either been nurses wayyyyy longer than any RN they work with AND the majority of LPN’s tend to work in nursing homes, aka: long term care. As an LPN or “Charge Nurse” in a nursing home you have far more responsibility than you could ever imagine. It is often a thankless job as with plenty of other healthcare and/or  social work positions.

There has been so much learning, advocating, doubting, yelling, crying, loving situations over the last 12 years since I graduated from nursing school. This job has been scary, exhausting, gut wrenching, rewarding, fulfilling, best ever years of my life. I’ve always loved helping people!

I was so unsure of myself, especially the first 22-25 years of life. I worked for several gas stations but I wanted to work at a bank. At this time I was 22 years old. I had just had my youngest (Alexa) 4 weeks prior to my fist interview at: Soy Capital Bank. At the very end of the interview I felt by milk come in (at the time I was still breastfeeding Alexa. I felt the milk come so I tried crossing my arms over my chest without being noticed: thus I could apply enough pressure that I wouldn’t actually release milk on to my beige top. I successfully kept it at bay for the remainder of the interview and went home, waited for a phone call which I received the next day “Sunshine we have decided to offer you a full time position” (inside my head I’m thinking: Oh My God, thank you so much for taking care of me God!) but I respond calmly:” thank you so much for this opportunity I can start on Monday” (this is one of my favorite topics to bring up when I want to embarrass the kids! I love to say in front of their company “hey remember when I breastfed you” . I realize this would be offensive to many people but somehow my kids thrive in these situations, they are so quick witted that they always have a come back and nothing ever has time to become awkward.

After the bank in Decatur I worked at a title loan company. In 2001 I decided I was going to move to Springfield. In 2004 I was asked what I wanted to do. I responded “I want to help people, maybe I’ll become a social worker…………..


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