LPN-Charge Nurse Part 2

The only subject that I could possibly go on and on about is being a mom. The next subject is: healthcare. In 2004 I was living in Springfield and working for Bank One. Some one asked me what I wanted to do in life and of course me being me I said: help people. I thought that’s what I was doing at the bank but as it turns out #1: you can’t raise 4 children on the wages of a customer service rep at the bank #2: it is nearly impossible to feel like you are helping people when you come between them and their money!! This person that asked me what I wanted to do suggested nursing. (I WAS SOOO NAIVE AT THAT TIME) I thought: wow, nursing would be great!! I can genuinely help people AND support my family. Additionally I believed that everyone in healthcare was there to help people, not JUST to make a paycheck. 

Throughout nursing school I couldn’t decide where I wanted to work after graduating but I was absolutely sure that I didn’t want to work in Long Term Care (LTC) those facilities were just the worst. 

During clinical we did a few rotations at nursing homes, a few at the hospital and some at random sites. One thing that stood out to me about Long Term Care was the LONG TERM part. I realized I may actually fair better being a nurse in LTC because the residents don’t change as often as the hospital. In 2005 when I graduated from nursing school I was living in Springfield but I knew more people and places in Decatur. I found out that a LTC facility in Decatur needed a nurse on day shift so I applied and was hired. 

My first job was a locked alzheimer’s unit, day shift, 40 residents to myself. The situation was less than desirable but that was actually a positive. After working there every place was better and I was well on my way to a more confident me!


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