The story according to Cheryl

Around March of 1977 21 yr old Cheryl decided she would leave Mississippi. According to her she had every intention of taking all 4 of her children. As the story goes her husband (the father of the older 3 children) would not let Cheryl leave with any of the children except the 3 month old baby. It was unusually warm this March. Cheryl & her husband Carl and the 4 children are all out in the yard. Cheryl tried to leave with all the children but Carl  threatens her if she takes any of the kids other than the baby. Against her will she leaves on foot with the clothes on her back and the baby.

Before too long Cheryl is stopped by a lady that ends up buying a plane ticket for Cheryl and baby back to Central Illinois.

Over the next 3 years Cheryl would marry James Ahearn (J.D.)  with this marriage came a German Shepard name: “Lady” who would protect the baby/toddler, often a bit too aggressive but protective nonetheless!  Cheryl and her family lived in an apartment on Condit street. At 3 years old her daughter started preschool at Anna Waters Headstart in Longview……


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