So I am still stuck in the crazy middle of wanting to share my thoughts and wanting to keep them private. Having said that I constantly check the stats on my blog and was so excited to get a little note stating: congrats on 10 likes on: Something about Sunshine. 1. Thank You for the likes and 2. Please someone tell me how they get over/past not wanting to feel the vulnerability that I seem to directly associate with having people read my blog!


2 thoughts on “Stats

  1. I have read through several of posts and can relate to everything you have said on every level. You have hit home and typed out most of the stories I have erased and never posted. Its comforting to see there is another person that is mirror image. I have gotten where I do not look at stats anymore. I always felt I was staring at a notification bell wondering if it will be good or bad and it was exhausting. So I post and go forget it for awhile. Im glad I found your blog. You are awesome for putting it out there.

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