Bringing “home” to the nursing home

It didn’t take long for me to realize and/or be told that the nursing home isn’t a home according to my residents. I’ve been working at my current nursing home for 4 years (in September officially). I’ve worked the same hall all 4 years and 2nd shift for the last 3 years. About a year ago I decided to start taking my residents down the hall after supper and “hang out” with them while I pass meds. Initially I did this to take my residents out of the common area because waiting in the t.v. room until you get your medicine and/or go to bed was loud, obnoxious and very impersonal. This process has evolved since I started.  This affords me more time with my residents, prevents falls and gives me a chance to make sure work is getting done without me following people around. Having said this, there have been many naysayers about my methods but I no longer worry about them.

Our nursing home sits very close to a wooded area so we often see wildlife: deer, raccoon, birds, beavers etc. Lately 4 little baby raccoons have been coming up to the porch where my residents sit. The residents absolutely love their visits, it always puts a smile on their faces. There is about 2 foot of glass between them and the raccoons. Last week it was hot one of the raccoons hid in the bird feeder. I realized they could use some water. Yesterday they showed up and played in the water. Here are the pics…….


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