“Job Security”

2 things that break my heart:

1. “This isn’t home” I am constantly told that LTC is a beast of it’s own and  can’t change it. Well guess what!?!? The facility I work in belongs to my residents and it is always up to them how my night goes. It is impossible however to convince my supervisors of this! They have asked me more than once (I have to give much love to my nursing supervisor Nicki…she is always going to bat for me even when I make her crazy) Getting back on track…..the biggest complaint from my residents…demented or not….. “this isn’t my home” I absolutely love how emphatically my “confused” residents tell me this! If they start out my 2-10 shift in this mindset I know it is going to be a 2-12 shift…….and nowadays this is most shifts!

2. “I try to do what I am told” if my resident tells me this…..it is on like Donkey Kong….heads are rolling one way or another!!!! I always respond: This is YOUR home and we are to do what YOU say!!!! We are here for the residents, it is their home and if it wasn’t for them then we wouldn’t have a job to begin with!

Moral to the story: Every day I go to work and I feel that I am faced with a moral dilemma: nurse according to the definition set forth by the state of Illinois: most nurses know that isn’t realistic, nurse according to my supervisors…much more doable but no where near “realistic” or piss off everyone in the front office and spend each shift nursing as though the shift is flexible and completely up to my residents!


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