So, I was fired today. I’ve been trying to write post since it happen at 2:30 p.m. Monday. Naturally this will not help with the deep dark depression that routinely haunts me. The usual or familiar feeling of not wanting anyone to know what happen, the extreme worry and concern of how the bills will get paid, the extreme fear of never finding another job because they will wonder why you lost the one you had have been ever present today and kept me in tears much of the day.

So to review: 12 hours ago I had a full time job as a nurse. That seem to define me other than being a mom. Now, I have to make a conscience decision to not sit on my pittypot and that is just soooo much work.

All I can think of is the paper they handed me marked: dismissal

Anyone who has ever had me take care of their loved one has given me the highest of compliments. They are always so appreciative of my care for their loved one. Surely this will turn into a good thing.

I hope I will wake up tomorrow and I’ll feel so much better and the answer of what to do next will some how be right in front of my face!


2 thoughts on “Dismissal

  1. Please Don’t get depressed. You will find another job. Just be patient. Trust God. There is a reason for everything. Sometimes we don’t understand it at first. I know you will miss your patients. You sound like a great nurse. Someone would definitely love to have you in their facility.

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    1. Well I stopped by my old job (I feel like I had to sneak around like a criminal) and talked to a couple CNAs, a nurse and 2 residents. It must have been too soon because I started crying as soon as the resident told me she missed me!


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