If I could see me now

I often look back at younger Sunshine with a great amount of thoughtfulness. Often wondering if I’m making her proud! I’ve always seen actual images in my mind of how I thought living normal would look:

Every morning this “normal” family consisting of a husband and wife , 2 kids and a cat and or dog all get up, have breakfast around the table then go off to work and school and then at the end of the work/school day the parents take the kids to after school activities, return home for dinner at the table, followed by family fun, bath and bed! For years that was the standard for myself. Needless to say starting out being a teen Mom didn’t do much to help me feel normal. However, I have come to a point in life that I think my 9 year old self would be pleasantly surprised by!

The fact that I can walk out in my backyard at midnight and not be worried just amazes me! It has nothing to do with the way things are in the world right now but because I grew up so poor we never lived in a neighborhood that would have been safe to be outside at night time.


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