Dirty Dancing aka ask anyone that has ever known me what my fav movie is!

I was 11 years old when this movie came out! For a preteen this confirmed that no matter where 2 people come from, they can overcome the odds, fall in love and make the sexiest scene (mostly clothes) that my young eyes had ever seen!

The summer after 8th grade I literally watched this movie on VHS  every single day! (people still know what that is right?}

At 14 I just knew that one day I would be sitting somewhere and my “knight in shining armor” would swoop in and grab me:

“No one puts baby in the corner”

I bought this movie on Vudu last night because as you know I’ve been with my granddaughter all day everyday since the 23rd and she is best behaved when music is playing. img_20180819_2041331500980552550626783.jpg

While watching I realized why I loved the movie to begin with: The entire movie is about beating the odds. Ok, it does help that there is music, dancing, sexy people in sexy scenes and that my brain still ties this movie to all the happiness (cheap thrills) that the movie always gave me. It was right on the line of appropriateness for a 11-14 year old girl in the 80s. Not that I actually had those kind of rules but in my head I thought I was getting away with something watching this movie!

While in the shower (where I do my best thinking/remembering this song/ scene came to mind!! Love Love Love it:

How do you call your loverboy? Oh loverboy, my sweet loverboy and if he doesn’t answer? Oh baby, my sweet  baby…..

Sadly Jennifer Grey didn’t get to do much after this and Patrick Swayze passed away in 2009 but I genuinely appreciate the part this movie played in my growing up! For some reason, in spite all the negativity I grew up with this movie gave me a place to go, a place where people prevailed!

Of course you can’t be a Dirty Dancing fan without “I’ve had the time of my life”



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