OMG, where to start

For some reason I’ve forever obsessed with the thought of normalcy. It is a constant measure in what I do. Having said that I often delight, no relish the idea of doing things that I perceive are not normal. In an effort to convey these thoughts that I have I thought I would start out with the definition of normal! Well guess what? There are so many definitions given : normal as a noun, technical normal, legal normal ( I was once told that it is considered normal if more than 50% of people do it) my favorite is social norms, I just couldn’t wrap my head around it because it just said that normal isn’t really possible because what is considered normal is always changing depending on time frame and location.


So now we have established together (or maybe you already knew) there really isn’t any such thing as normal! I’m always in great shock when I find someone other than my family that agrees with me! So I’m thinking there is just a bunch of groups of people that have similarly crazy thoughts running around in their head and the most similar just gravitate toward each other. (and that, ladies and gentlemen is my man theory)

On any given day (Google has no consensus) we have bet ween 50,000 & 70,000 thoughts!! I’m sure mine is double that but in addition to all these thoughts you have to add in ideas

“Difference Between Idea and Thought. … Idea refers to a plan or a process that occurs in the mind in relation to the completion of a work or duty. Thought on the other hand is a mental process that keeps on going in the mind unabated. This is the main difference between the two words idea and thought” -Scribd

I am full of ideas, plans, and lists all day (especially in the shower , solution: whiteboard in the shower!) in my head but I rarely write them down! So I am constantly driving myself crazy trying to remember them. At any rate I have discovered the real issue for me is action!

“As important as creativity and idea creation are, they require action before any idea will have real value.”-innovationsolutions

So I’m on a quest to figure out how I can get my ideas past the idea phase


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