The Future of Global Leadership

My Global view for years was that The United States of America was the best! I am still a very very proud American! I have come to realize that America doesn’t have it all right! Growing up I did understand there was extreme poverty and starvation but only because my mom said “eat all of your food there are kids starving in………whatever country she thought they were starving in. For years I was upset to hear people in America doing anything for people in other countries because frankly i was uneducated and my world looked like this:

Now that I’m slightly wiser and much more educated (or just getting old) I realize that if I don’t understand the rest of the world I will be left behind. Naturally I have gained most of my knowledge through research on topics I am most passionate about and my world is looking much more like this:

It is much easier for me to understand the concept of Global Leadership through a social change lense. Much of the research regarding the future of Global Leadership seems to point to the need for “well rounded” individuals. Individuals that possess the ability to be empathetic and embrace diversity! That seems to be great traits for those that want to impact social change as well!

The German Marshall Fund

The German Marshall Fund comes up in the top 5 Google searches when you want to find out about “The Future of Global Leadership”! This site clearly embodies a focus on The Future of Global Leadership! The German Marshall Fund or GMF is a memorial or I think of it as a tribute to the “Marshall Plan”!

The Marshall Plan came about in the late 40’s. George Marshall was the Secretary of State at the time. In June of 1947 Secretary of State George Marshall gave a speech to the graduates of Harvard University. His speech surrounded around his belief that to have a greater sense of security for the United States we would need help being the “hero” to the world. Post WWII Europe would make the perfect ally if they were able to rebuild. Former Unites States Secretary of State George Marshall developed the “Marshall Plan” which would help Europe rebuild.

Years later during a similar speech it was announced that as a “Thank You” or a tribute/memorial to “The Marshall Plan” there would be the creation of the “German Marshall Fund” to be used as seen fit basically. Although the fund has served many purposes over the years it has always had in mind the future ability of countries to work together for common good.

This program and history is relevant because during it’s inception and even now it’s mission is to promote future global development. The Marshall Memorial Fellowship is awarded to 75 canidates each year! This programs entire focus is to prepare a group of diverse individuals to be leaders in the future!


February 8, 2019

The Future of Leadership Development: A Global Mindset

By: Vibhas Ratonjee

Research Gate

October 2018

Interpersonal Relationship and Global Leadership Mindset

Kabira Ishola Genty

The German Marshall Fund of the United States: A Brief History

Nicholas Siegel


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