Just when I thought

Just when I thought there couldn’t be one more cause I would champion, God seen fit to show me differently!

Weeks ago I applied for a job working in a group home for developmentally disabled. Although from common sense and being a nurse for 14 years I knew what “developmentally disabled” meant I had no concept of their daily lives or struggles!

A month into the job I love it more than ever! It is still health care so there’s many things to complain about. Naturally the great state of Illinois is 44 out of 50 states for the funding that they give to this population. This means that the turnover rate for caregiver’s is extremely high which also means that there’s very little consistency in the lives of many of them.

Although it’s been fifty years since they decided these people deserve to live life like everyone else instead of in institutions there is only about 15 states that have closed all of their state ran facilities.

Additionally although the world has come a long way and accepting people the way they are or people who I seem to be different it still seems difficult for these awesome people to go out in the community without people staring. Many of them just have social or intellectual deficits that we’re never recognized as such and if they were born that way today there would have been many more resources available to them.

People will often recognize them for they’re protruding or pronounced features, unsteady gait, or possibly their lack of social skills. If anyone spent any time getting to know them they would recognize them for their outgoing, friendly personalities and great big hugs and hearts!



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