Local Flora & Fauna

Science & Dr. P

So, this last year has changed my life in so many ways!

  1. I lost my job 1 year ago
  2. I started my journey with addiction Tuesdays
  3. I spent many happy days with my Kids/Grand kids
  4. I spent many nights crying over my Kids/Grand kids
  5. I started attending Millikin University
  6. I took my first Science class in 15 years
  7. I became enlightened and humbled with each new class
  8. I met Dr. P!!!!

It may not be that obvious to my wonderfully patient instructor that I am indeed learning from her but I am! Well, the class is officially over so we will say I did learn from her! I wish that I could say that I learned the name of all the birds, trees, insects, mammals and such that I should have. However, not only did I learn much more than I ever have in any other Science class, but I thoroughly enjoyed learning about “Local Flora & Fauna”. In all that I have been through over the last year, this is the only thing so to speak, to get me out of the house! Literally I have intentionally gone out each and everyday {regardless of the weather} and enjoyed nature! I genuinely believe that this has made such a dramatic change in my life that I will be eternally grateful to Dr. P! I just wanted to write this little post to remind everyone of a few things:

  1. Go outside…..it is AMAZING out there!
  2. Contrary to what the president says: (global warming/climate change is real AND we did it AND we can change it AND Roly Polys are doing their part SO I feel like we should get on the ball…pun intended)
  3. According to Dr. P Science and Math are only hard in my head and I may just believe her!

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