HUFFINGTON POST 05/04/2016 12:20 am ET

Stealing Small Amounts Of Food When In Desperate Need Is Not A Crime, Rules Italy’s Highest Court

“A small theft because of hunger is in no way comparable to an act of delinquency, because the need to feed justifies the fact.”


By Dominique Mosbergen

So, I tend to live in my sunshiney world so maybe this isn’t headline news BUT it never occurred to me that people actually believe that those living in poverty lack morals!!!!

Here’s what I see, if you ever go without anything or you come to a place where your kids may do without then YES you are going to be willing to do something you may not do otherwise. The funny thing is that ALL sin is equal!! So, if those that never have gone without think “oh I would never do that” let me tell you that….. Pretty sure many of these folks that sit high and mighty have: not only broke each and every commandment but done so in fine fashion! Adultery, envy, extortion, greed and so on and so forth….

I just want to remind folks that: you shouldn’t judge some one for stealing a loaf of bread because it may be because you fired them to save money!!!!


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