My name is Autin (Austin)

So technically speaking Roger and I have 6 children: He has 2, I have 2 and we have 2 together. Austin is 1 of the “his 2”. Once upon a time he was itty bitty and when asked his name he would respond: “my name is Autin” which was one of the many adorable little encounters folks used to have with the now 6 foot tall 20 year old 2nd-3rd year college student. Still adorable just on a much larger scale! Some days I wouldn’t know he was home if it wasn’t for the never ending yelling at the xbox……one day I’m hoping he will become wealthy from the time put in to his xbox. No worries though, if that doesn’t work out he does happen to be very smart and is working on a degree in engineering. I’m thankful he is here for many reasons but one thing he does without effort is balancing out the female to male ratio in the house and until/unless you have lived in a house that isn’t balanced you can’t really appreciate the significance!!


Our Princess

17 1/2 years ago our youngest was born, Alexa Kay Louise!! She was s force to be reckoned with from the start. I had the chicken pox for the first time while I was pregnant with her, which caused no real trouble but the Dr said she was born with a few pock marks. During delivery she was in such a rush, I went from being dilated 2cm to 10 in about a half hour! She was born with a little bruising to her cheeks because of it. I had to return to work when she was just 4 weeks but she never lacked attention because she had her G-MA (my mom, their Mam-ma) wrapped around her little finger! As she grew up she was always the center of attention, either because she was much more outgoing than her siblings and/or because she was often the squeakiest wheel!! She has the personality type I’ve always envied: always speaking up and never afraid to ask for what she wants!! She has certainly grown into a very beautiful, very smart young lady and I’m certain she will never settle for less than the best!! 

My Mini Me

In March of 1998 we had our first girl together: Soleil Channing Marie. All of my kids have 2 middle names and all the names are for a reason dear to me. Soleil is french for sun (and my name really is Sunshine) Channing is the last name of my favorite actress in Grease (Stockard Channing) Marie is my sisters’ middle name. As she was growing up I realized she was kind of growing into a little me. In most ways I think that is wonderful and in every way I am proud of her! I noticed that she was painfully  shy at times as am I.

In the last couple of years she decided that she would go into nursing as well. Of course I think it is a perfect fit but at the same time I worry for her because I know how caring she is and how stressful the job is/can be. Especially losing a patient or resident. I am thankful that she has tagged along to work several times and started out in the dietary department ahead of her CNA program at school. Now she has been a CNA for a few months and will be starting her pre reqs at RCC this fall. I keep thinking I have plenty of time before she grows up when in reality she turned 18 this past March. It goes by so fast….

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