GLD & Solving World Peace

Whenever I’m asked “What do you want to do when you grow up” My response is almost always: Solve World Peace” ! I find it hard to believe that isn’t what everyone wants to do when they grow up. Ok, maybe not everyone. My husband has already explained to me”I will not be out running around with you saving the world but I will make sure you have clean clothes while your doing it”! I also often explain that I really mean that I’ll solve world peace in my tiny part of the world. As for the rest of the world it turns out there are many wonderful people working on many of the things that contribute to solving world peace.

In particular there are many formal and informal enterprises working first to gather data on the many social issues that we face globally. This in and of itself is an amazing feat! Additionally, this data is used by Global Non for Profits in an effort to minimize and/or erradicate: violence often based off of political and religous beliefs as well as race and gender, poverty, hunger & human trafficking.

Global Organizations that have had the most success have implemented core values that align with or helped to develop and or perfect the practices and processes that have proven necessary to lead their teams globally. For example: has the proof in their name. Orginally founded in the U.S. in 1945 the Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe sent food to Europe. As they expanded they cleverally switched to “Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere”. Their core values: Transformation, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence and Equality have led to a successfully expand from CARE to CARE International.   Integrity and excellence kept them transparent in day to day operations. Transformation as a core value that led them to realize they should adopt new business practices such as multi-year planning which led to their initial expansion. Following through with diversity and equality values of course led to their understanding the needs of the various cultures they help.


Global what?!?!

I did not realize that Global Leadership would be of such great interest! Having an instructor that is passionate about the course they are teaching certainly leads to an increased interest. Having said that, until happening upon the following article in Forbes Magazine, I did not realize that I could have a personal stake or enthusiasm of any kind when it came to Global Leadership!

The article: The changing face of leadership: 10 new research findings all leaders need to understand by Kathy Capiro

The article is setup in a Q & A style from the authors interview with Evan Sinar Ph.D, Vice President of DDI which is a company that helps organizations hire and or groom great leaders. The article/interview covers a very insightful list developed from a leadership research project that was published by DDI, The Conference Board and Ernst & Young Global Limited.

I think that one of things that is so fascinating about the article is that a clear line can be drawn from the new research findings and the core values of great global leadership.

Great leaders in general should be able to connect with people regardless of their differences as well as staying current with advancements in technology. These abilities could/should come naturally to Gen X. #5 on the list refers to the importance of Gen X which I feel says a lot! Supposedly Gen X will be the only generation to understand both pre and post internet language. I’m not sure that is scientific fact but I’ve always had that sense before I read about it. Meaning: My husband and I are always talking about how fortunate we are to have lived our childhoods at the beginning of video games. This I feel puts us in a place of greater empathy across generations. We also come from a place that understands the importance of tradition which plays a huge part in understanding cultural differences.

One more key component of great leadership is access to great mentors. This is where I think that Gen X could have the most value! As Gen X we are in great place to mentor great new leaders! Baby Boomers and before had such a great work ethic which is often lacking in generations since. Gen X and Gen Y have left some of these values behind but seem to have replaced them with an open mindedness that certainly lends itself to greater understanding of diversity. Gen X folks that are no longer stuck in the past possess a wisdom that combined with an understanding of the importance of diversity should make for great leaders and great mentors.
This in a nutshell is what gave me a feeling of enthusiasm for understanding why I should care about Global Leadership!

Caprino, K (February 8, 2018)

“The Changing Face of Leadership: 10 new research findings all leaders need to know”

Forbes Magazine

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