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HUFFINGTON POST 05/04/2016 12:20 am ET

Stealing Small Amounts Of Food When In Desperate Need Is Not A Crime, Rules Italy’s Highest Court

“A small theft because of hunger is in no way comparable to an act of delinquency, because the need to feed justifies the fact.”


By Dominique Mosbergen

So, I tend to live in my sunshiney world so maybe this isn’t headline news BUT it never occurred to me that people actually believe that those living in poverty lack morals!!!!

Here’s what I see, if you ever go without anything or you come to a place where your kids may do without then YES you are going to be willing to do something you may not do otherwise. The funny thing is that ALL sin is equal!! So, if those that never have gone without think “oh I would never do that” let me tell you that….. Pretty sure many of these folks that sit high and mighty have: not only broke each and every commandment but done so in fine fashion! Adultery, envy, extortion, greed and so on and so forth….

I just want to remind folks that: you shouldn’t judge some one for stealing a loaf of bread because it may be because you fired them to save money!!!!


Local Flora & Fauna

Science & Dr. P

So, this last year has changed my life in so many ways!

  1. I lost my job 1 year ago
  2. I started my journey with addiction Tuesdays
  3. I spent many happy days with my Kids/Grand kids
  4. I spent many nights crying over my Kids/Grand kids
  5. I started attending Millikin University
  6. I took my first Science class in 15 years
  7. I became enlightened and humbled with each new class
  8. I met Dr. P!!!!

It may not be that obvious to my wonderfully patient instructor that I am indeed learning from her but I am! Well, the class is officially over so we will say I did learn from her! I wish that I could say that I learned the name of all the birds, trees, insects, mammals and such that I should have. However, not only did I learn much more than I ever have in any other Science class, but I thoroughly enjoyed learning about “Local Flora & Fauna”. In all that I have been through over the last year, this is the only thing so to speak, to get me out of the house! Literally I have intentionally gone out each and everyday {regardless of the weather} and enjoyed nature! I genuinely believe that this has made such a dramatic change in my life that I will be eternally grateful to Dr. P! I just wanted to write this little post to remind everyone of a few things:

  1. Go outside… is AMAZING out there!
  2. Contrary to what the president says: (global warming/climate change is real AND we did it AND we can change it AND Roly Polys are doing their part SO I feel like we should get on the ball…pun intended)
  3. According to Dr. P Science and Math are only hard in my head and I may just believe her!

Just when I thought

Just when I thought there couldn’t be one more cause I would champion, God seen fit to show me differently!

Weeks ago I applied for a job working in a group home for developmentally disabled. Although from common sense and being a nurse for 14 years I knew what “developmentally disabled” meant I had no concept of their daily lives or struggles!

A month into the job I love it more than ever! It is still health care so there’s many things to complain about. Naturally the great state of Illinois is 44 out of 50 states for the funding that they give to this population. This means that the turnover rate for caregiver’s is extremely high which also means that there’s very little consistency in the lives of many of them.

Although it’s been fifty years since they decided these people deserve to live life like everyone else instead of in institutions there is only about 15 states that have closed all of their state ran facilities.

Additionally although the world has come a long way and accepting people the way they are or people who I seem to be different it still seems difficult for these awesome people to go out in the community without people staring. Many of them just have social or intellectual deficits that we’re never recognized as such and if they were born that way today there would have been many more resources available to them.

People will often recognize them for they’re protruding or pronounced features, unsteady gait, or possibly their lack of social skills. If anyone spent any time getting to know them they would recognize them for their outgoing, friendly personalities and great big hugs and hearts!

The Future of Global Leadership

My Global view for years was that The United States of America was the best! I am still a very very proud American! I have come to realize that America doesn’t have it all right! Growing up I did understand there was extreme poverty and starvation but only because my mom said “eat all of your food there are kids starving in………whatever country she thought they were starving in. For years I was upset to hear people in America doing anything for people in other countries because frankly i was uneducated and my world looked like this:

Now that I’m slightly wiser and much more educated (or just getting old) I realize that if I don’t understand the rest of the world I will be left behind. Naturally I have gained most of my knowledge through research on topics I am most passionate about and my world is looking much more like this:

It is much easier for me to understand the concept of Global Leadership through a social change lense. Much of the research regarding the future of Global Leadership seems to point to the need for “well rounded” individuals. Individuals that possess the ability to be empathetic and embrace diversity! That seems to be great traits for those that want to impact social change as well!

The German Marshall Fund

The German Marshall Fund comes up in the top 5 Google searches when you want to find out about “The Future of Global Leadership”! This site clearly embodies a focus on The Future of Global Leadership! The German Marshall Fund or GMF is a memorial or I think of it as a tribute to the “Marshall Plan”!

The Marshall Plan came about in the late 40’s. George Marshall was the Secretary of State at the time. In June of 1947 Secretary of State George Marshall gave a speech to the graduates of Harvard University. His speech surrounded around his belief that to have a greater sense of security for the United States we would need help being the “hero” to the world. Post WWII Europe would make the perfect ally if they were able to rebuild. Former Unites States Secretary of State George Marshall developed the “Marshall Plan” which would help Europe rebuild.

Years later during a similar speech it was announced that as a “Thank You” or a tribute/memorial to “The Marshall Plan” there would be the creation of the “German Marshall Fund” to be used as seen fit basically. Although the fund has served many purposes over the years it has always had in mind the future ability of countries to work together for common good.

This program and history is relevant because during it’s inception and even now it’s mission is to promote future global development. The Marshall Memorial Fellowship is awarded to 75 canidates each year! This programs entire focus is to prepare a group of diverse individuals to be leaders in the future!


February 8, 2019

The Future of Leadership Development: A Global Mindset

By: Vibhas Ratonjee

Research Gate

October 2018

Interpersonal Relationship and Global Leadership Mindset

Kabira Ishola Genty

The German Marshall Fund of the United States: A Brief History

Nicholas Siegel

Continue reading “The Future of Global Leadership”

Potbelly Pigs, Portugal, pills, poverty and prison

POTBELLY PIGS:This is really just a terrible ploy to draw attention to my amazing Potbelly Pigs: Edgar & Esmeralda! Actually I just wanted to point out that they have saved me from certain doom and gloom over the last year! If it were not for having them it would have been much more difficult to get up for “addiction Tuesdays” at the same time as I was adjusting to “empty nest/nesting”!?!?


So I’ll in no way pretend that I fully understand anyone else’s struggle but I can tell you that in the last 10 years the 2 ladies that understood my struggles the most:

Seriously though, in 2001 Portugal decriminalized drugs…… Crazy right!?!? I’m sure many people thought this would create mass chaos! Well quite the opposite:

I’m A Inja Maw-Maw

On June 7, 2009 God proved to me that there is a “new and improved” love that I had to give!! He gave me my first grandchild!! A grandson!!

Skylar Henry Lee Boliard aka “my little lover man”.

Of course now that he is 9 going on 19 I get eye rolling when I call him my little anything 🥰

When he was about 4-5 years old he went through a Ninja loving phase. He couldn’t say Ninja at the time so one day he came running in our bedroom dressed in a black skeleton costume and a plastic knife in one hand and a star in the other and very proudly announced “look, I’m a inja maw-maw” ….. Cutest line ever!

Then came technology! It wasn’t until Skylar spent hours running around the house making music videos of mainly himself, a couple with his sister’s and one with my mom that I heard of “tiktok”. I never let him out of sight with technology but naturally I was a little worried when I heard bad things about the app! However, the videos were adorable. I suppose I could be biased but I doubt it!

Skylar has recorded a few videos in documentary form here and there but this is by far my favorite!

I’m sure he will be a star one day soon!

I’m a Flipping Genuis….in the shower

First and foremost I would like to point out (for those of you that chose to click on the title and not pass it up) that the title was going to be: I’m a F@cking Genuis….in the shower but because I am blogging under another category for school I felt I should behave myself!!

This post was made possible by: MXD Cocktail Co, Long Island Ice Tea!

Side note: I heard today on HLN that some Mom’s are drinking wine in excess and as much as I like to joke I say this seriously: If drinking wine or any other alchohol has got out of hand, you know it and you should stop, seriously!! Secondly, being a nurse and a mom I try to research everything and especially if I am going to blog about it and I can sincerly say that I don’t fully understand addiction. I can and have drank every night for a year and then not drink for 3 years and then do it all over again, I never considered that an addiction or a relapse but if you participate in drug rehab that is what they say!! I’ve always considered addiction to be something you can’t willingly stop doing without terrible side effects and withdrawls! (2nd & 3rd sidenote: we’re addicted to HLN & we even have our faves but I have to tell you that @LynnSmithTV is not messing around!! Ok, 1 more sidenote, she came back from having her 2nd baby and now she is even more fabulous, I’m like “what? that’s crazy! Go on with your bad self @LynnSmithTV!!) Ok, I lied, one more sidenote: And that’s the simple truth! Again, I was like: go on with your bad self #branding #$$$$

Ok, back to me being a genuis: This is going to serve 2 purposes (well 3 since I rambled on earlier)

1: Sunshine’s LIIT hack, which only qualifies as a hack for people who “save furniture from the side of the road”, Tell their children: I raised you not to fight and then highly consider getting out of the mini van and whooping someone for cutting your baby off while you watch in the rearview mirror!, and have had at least 1 utility shut off already this year!! LMAO

LITT hack: It is like my own little “retreat” to turn on a long, hot shower, drink……pretty much whatever, preferably wine or MXD Long Island Ice Tea, and listen to really awesome music starting with: Aerosmith, Dream On, with: The Southern California Children’s Chorus-Boston Marathon Bobing Tribute

2nd: We will address the “clearly creaive genuis” that occurrs when I am in the shower! I’ve thought about putting a whitboard (a whitboard, seriously!?😋) white board in the shower for years because I always have this time “alone” so to speak wth my thoughts! I can’t decide if I love all this thinking in the shower or if it pisses me off for taking over my LIIT retreat hack……so here we are…….still waiting on the (undocumented and quickly forgotten) creative genuis that occurrs, only in my shower….Like the French Film: To Rome with Love where the guy only sings opera while he is in a shower with running water!

GLD & Solving World Peace

Whenever I’m asked “What do you want to do when you grow up” My response is almost always: Solve World Peace” ! I find it hard to believe that isn’t what everyone wants to do when they grow up. Ok, maybe not everyone. My husband has already explained to me”I will not be out running around with you saving the world but I will make sure you have clean clothes while your doing it”! I also often explain that I really mean that I’ll solve world peace in my tiny part of the world. As for the rest of the world it turns out there are many wonderful people working on many of the things that contribute to solving world peace.

In particular there are many formal and informal enterprises working first to gather data on the many social issues that we face globally. This in and of itself is an amazing feat! Additionally, this data is used by Global Non for Profits in an effort to minimize and/or erradicate: violence often based off of political and religous beliefs as well as race and gender, poverty, hunger & human trafficking.

Global Organizations that have had the most success have implemented core values that align with or helped to develop and or perfect the practices and processes that have proven necessary to lead their teams globally. For example: has the proof in their name. Orginally founded in the U.S. in 1945 the Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe sent food to Europe. As they expanded they cleverally switched to “Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere”. Their core values: Transformation, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence and Equality have led to a successfully expand from CARE to CARE International.   Integrity and excellence kept them transparent in day to day operations. Transformation as a core value that led them to realize they should adopt new business practices such as multi-year planning which led to their initial expansion. Following through with diversity and equality values of course led to their understanding the needs of the various cultures they help.

Addiction Tuesdays “The Opposite of Addiction is Connection”

As I shared in the original post: Addiction Tuesdays, I go to group counseling every Tuesday as well as single/private counseling. The group is called connections and although we have watched videos on connections and had little assignments based on connections AND my (common sense understanding of connections) I still didn’t quite understand the premise behnd Connections.

Although I consider myself an empathetic person (even the strength finders test says so) I still carry the old school mentallity that you can’t fix anything making excuses. Because of this I had a hard time understanding how all this touchy feely connections business would help every addict through recovery. I wanted to prove the old school thought wrong so I looked up the basis for this Connections school of thought and that is when I found out about :

The Rat Park, a study conducted by Bruce K. Alexander, in an edited synopsis original studies in addiction had (I’m going to call them mice because it’s a much cuter name) mice in individual boxes with regular water and drug infused water, the mice continuously chose the drug infused water but once the study was change to include a “Rat Heaven” where the mice could play freely, make babies and raise families they would completely ignore the drug infused water! So in a nutshell, they realized social mice/people need healthy connections!

Here I thought I had come to some fabulous realization about addiction and revovery! I even went to counseling and enthuisiastically regurgatated what I could remember about the “Rat Park”. Ahead of this appt for the first time I answered a list of questions called “The ACE test”: Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Today I started to do a little more research that said: wait a minute, we can’t just base addiction treatment on happy mice! (of course I was devestated because although rationally I knew it sounded to simple, I still wanted to believe it) The updated research went on to say that 60% of Americans have at least 1 adverse childhood experience and 25% have experienced at least 3. People with an ACE score of 5 or higher are up to ten times more likely to experience addiction. Of course my score was 8. Typically I would slide a joke in right here but I’ll behave!

So really this all tells me what I already know

I have to process my childhood trauma to really move forward…..blah blah blah

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