Edgar & Esmeralda: The Piggy Parent Chronicles

A year ago we brought home a Vietnamese Potbelly Pig: Edgar aka The Super Bestest Pig Ever! It’s been a learning curve ever since! Just like bringing a baby home you have to have your house baby pig proof and they are as smart as can be so they pretty much potty train themselves but they are much happier piggies if they have a schedule! They strongly dislike change and they will let you know in their own little way!


Edgar is now a year old! My Vietnamese potbelly was acting out, being aggressive, sleeping more and not playing “crazy pig” (running around the house or yard either from me or after me at a remarkable speed for a pet that weighs in at 150 lbs and is only 18″ tall) so like any good piggy parent I consulted the FB piggy group and they felt it sounded most like he needed a companion!

So 3 1/2 weeks ago we brought home a female Juliana pig and named her Esmeralda!! Like everything these days I researched all about pet pigs and even researched having more than one pig but it never occurred to me to check the difference in breeds or gender!! Esmeralda’s personality is completely opposite of Edgar’s!! He is a no fuss, no muss type of Piggy!! Esmeralda on the other hand she is sweet and sassy!!


Filling Up My Cup

So there are so many things that “fill up my cup” or satisfy that emotional craving for fulfillment. Some of  my top cup fillers include: Family Time, Grandchildren, Church and Advocating. It seems as though there is hardly enough time for the cup fillers because all my time is taken between sleep and work. At this time we have several G-children with 1 on the way and many more to come I’m sure. 

7 years and 9 months ago I received a phone call at work from my oldest son: “Mom she has taken 3 tests and all of them say she is pregnant”  So after the initial shock and several other bumps in the road, my very first G-child was born: Skylar Henry Lee Boliard. Anyone that knows me, knows that Skylar is: “My Little Lover Man” He has manage to fill my cup more times that I can count!! For as many years as I can remember Skylar has been informing us that he has a bit bigger head than the rest because he just so happen to have not just one brain but 2! No wonder he has a big head.



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