I’m A Inja Maw-Maw

On June 7, 2009 God proved to me that there is a “new and improved” love that I had to give!! He gave me my first grandchild!! A grandson!!

Skylar Henry Lee Boliard aka “my little lover man”.

Of course now that he is 9 going on 19 I get eye rolling when I call him my little anything 🥰

When he was about 4-5 years old he went through a Ninja loving phase. He couldn’t say Ninja at the time so one day he came running in our bedroom dressed in a black skeleton costume and a plastic knife in one hand and a star in the other and very proudly announced “look, I’m a inja maw-maw” ….. Cutest line ever!

Then came technology! It wasn’t until Skylar spent hours running around the house making music videos of mainly himself, a couple with his sister’s and one with my mom that I heard of “tiktok”. I never let him out of sight with technology but naturally I was a little worried when I heard bad things about the app! However, the videos were adorable. I suppose I could be biased but I doubt it!

Skylar has recorded a few videos in documentary form here and there but this is by far my favorite!

I’m sure he will be a star one day soon!


Filling Up My Cup

So there are so many things that “fill up my cup” or satisfy that emotional craving for fulfillment. Some of  my top cup fillers include: Family Time, Grandchildren, Church and Advocating. It seems as though there is hardly enough time for the cup fillers because all my time is taken between sleep and work. At this time we have several G-children with 1 on the way and many more to come I’m sure. 

7 years and 9 months ago I received a phone call at work from my oldest son: “Mom she has taken 3 tests and all of them say she is pregnant”  So after the initial shock and several other bumps in the road, my very first G-child was born: Skylar Henry Lee Boliard. Anyone that knows me, knows that Skylar is: “My Little Lover Man” He has manage to fill my cup more times that I can count!! For as many years as I can remember Skylar has been informing us that he has a bit bigger head than the rest because he just so happen to have not just one brain but 2! No wonder he has a big head.



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