I’m a Flipping Genuis….in the shower

First and foremost I would like to point out (for those of you that chose to click on the title and not pass it up) that the title was going to be: I’m a F@cking Genuis….in the shower but because I am blogging under another category for school I felt I should behave myself!!

This post was made possible by: MXD Cocktail Co, Long Island Ice Tea!

Side note: I heard today on HLN that some Mom’s are drinking wine in excess and as much as I like to joke I say this seriously: If drinking wine or any other alchohol has got out of hand, you know it and you should stop, seriously!! Secondly, being a nurse and a mom I try to research everything and especially if I am going to blog about it and I can sincerly say that I don’t fully understand addiction. I can and have drank every night for a year and then not drink for 3 years and then do it all over again, I never considered that an addiction or a relapse but if you participate in drug rehab that is what they say!! I’ve always considered addiction to be something you can’t willingly stop doing without terrible side effects and withdrawls! (2nd & 3rd sidenote: we’re addicted to HLN & we even have our faves but I have to tell you that @LynnSmithTV is not messing around!! Ok, 1 more sidenote, she came back from having her 2nd baby and now she is even more fabulous, I’m like “what? that’s crazy! Go on with your bad self @LynnSmithTV!!) Ok, I lied, one more sidenote: And that’s the simple truth! Again, I was like: go on with your bad self #branding #$$$$

Ok, back to me being a genuis: This is going to serve 2 purposes (well 3 since I rambled on earlier)

1: Sunshine’s LIIT hack, which only qualifies as a hack for people who “save furniture from the side of the road”, Tell their children: I raised you not to fight and then highly consider getting out of the mini van and whooping someone for cutting your baby off while you watch in the rearview mirror!, and have had at least 1 utility shut off already this year!! LMAO

LITT hack: It is like my own little “retreat” to turn on a long, hot shower, drink……pretty much whatever, preferably wine or MXD Long Island Ice Tea, and listen to really awesome music starting with: Aerosmith, Dream On, with: The Southern California Children’s Chorus-Boston Marathon Bobing Tribute

2nd: We will address the “clearly creaive genuis” that occurrs when I am in the shower! I’ve thought about putting a whitboard (a whitboard, seriously!?😋) white board in the shower for years because I always have this time “alone” so to speak wth my thoughts! I can’t decide if I love all this thinking in the shower or if it pisses me off for taking over my LIIT retreat hack……so here we are…….still waiting on the (undocumented and quickly forgotten) creative genuis that occurrs, only in my shower….Like the French Film: To Rome with Love where the guy only sings opera while he is in a shower with running water!


Cheri/Cheryl/my crazy Mom/Mam ma

I really think what amazes me the most is that it took until  I was 36 yrs old before I decided I should come to terms with the FACT that my childhood had A-LOT to do with the person I am today. I won’t throw all the craziness at you at once: My Mom raised me by herself….OK well she definitely raised me by myself: as opposed to with siblings….(unless you also take in to consideration the fact that she married several men and I spent some time in foster care over the years) So the story according to my mom: She moved down to the southern united states after being born in Clinton, Illinois. She had 4 kids 1 year after the other 2 boys and then 2 girls, me being the baby born 12/16/76. Apparently at some point my mom came back to Central Illinois and allegedly became pregnant with me before moving back to Mississippi .

So, on December 16th 1976 Cheryl Louise Notto (Followell) gave birth to her youngest daughter: Sunshine Ray “Notto”.  By the time I was 3 months old my mom decided it was time to pack it up and come back to Central Illinois. Her husband at the time: Carmello Eugene Notto decided she could leave with me but she would not be leaving with my older siblings. (as my mom tells it)

My mom then left Mississippi with 3 month old me and my siblings stayed behind. I often think of this (me and my siblings childhood) to be a difficult story to tell and I only can believe it because I lived it.

It reminds me of the V.C. Andrews books (the author of “Children in the Attic which also became a movie)  I read as a teenager. The books all revolved around a central female character whose life started with a less than desirable childhood. A childhood that included poverty and abuse. Of course by the end the character overcomes all the adversity to live a wonderful life. As wonderful as my life is I don’t think I’ve overcome all adversity!


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