Family Getaway 3

So the trip to Chicago has come and gone! Of course I didn’t blog about it at all like I thought/hoped I would. We did have a wonderful time though and spent plenty of money! In true Sunshine fashion I left myself broke afterward BUT you only live once!


Family Getaway 2

So sticking with this follow up is a lot harder than I thought. Not because I don’t want to write!!  It’s completely opposite of that!! It’s so strange the number of things that prevent me from writing:work, kids, husband, myself……

At any rate, I booked a room in downtown Chicago @ AC Hotel Chicago Downtown after looking @ trip  advisor, trivago, and several hotel specific sites. After considering the dates, length of stay, amenities, cost and location I kept coming back to this hotel and the best deal I could find was from:

So, like many other people I thought I would certainly have plenty of money because of my tax return, of course, in what to seems to be true Sunshine fashion I find out that I probably won’t have my tax return so I really need to pick up some over time! Just what I need during this: getting to know myself period of my life!!…………

Family Getaway

Soleil will turn 19 on March 18th. All she really asked for was a Wii!  Instead of a party I was thinking we could take a little trip. That happens to be spring break weekend and I’m always hoping to put something affordable together to do as a family. Originally I was trying to organize a quick trip to the Wisconsin Dells (none of us have been) but that just didn’t give me enough time to plan.

Roger and the kids have not been to downtown Chicago to stay for the weekend so I think that’s what we are going to do! We will be leaving Friday, March 17th and returning Sunday, March 19th. There are so many websites to help with traveling but it’s hard to get a site that gives you the best price on every aspect: hotel, food and entertainment.  I’m excited to use a website: Time Out Chicago. It appears to cover everything  but I’m not sure if it includes competitive pricing but we shall soon find out!!

I’m hoping to get up there Friday and have time for dinner and maybe do something touristy that night. Saturday we will probably go to Navy Pier, Sears Tower, Sheds Aquarium and then I’m not sure: eat lots of good food and drink lots of good drinks!! On Sunday we will probably sleep until 10-11 and then grab some Chicago style pizza for lunch and then head back home!  Well, wish us luck, I’ll let you all know how it’s going and how it goes!

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